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As the leading Dunwoody Hardwood Floor retailer, we deliver great savings, selection, and service.
We deliver and install the finest choice of flooring fashions at a super value.
From luxurious carpets to classic hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile floors, we have the perfect style for you. Residential or commercial we have your floor, it is with great pride we install and produce all various types and styles of flooring. In Dunwoody we have been a staple in the business for over 25 years, we provide only the very best and top of the line of choices in colors and textures.
Dunwoody Hardwood Floor
If you are looking for the very most professional and expert company we are your top of the line choice. If you have a school or restaurant or office (commercial) application, we offer a dedicated project manager who will be able to help ensure you will receive the very best in attention. Your satisfaction is a main focus even for the most discerning and picky of people. We will guarantee your satisfaction. When you are choosing your floor type remember you need a professional, everyone likes to save money and not over spend, not all flooring contractors are equal, someone with very little experience can cost you several thousand dollars in extra expenses that are unnecessary and costly, we have the experience to ensure the highest quality with the most bang for your buck. Once installed or refinished you will have a floor that you can be proud of and show off to your friends and neighbors, people will ask who did your floors and if you like to refer us we greatly appreciate it and will treat your friends or family in the exact same manner. Our business is focused on superior product and customer service, presentation. We guarantee your satisfaction and will never cut corners.
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