Suwanee Carpet installation, Today’s abundance of various fibers, colors, patterns, textures, and weights make carpet selection exciting and challenging. Your search won’t be overwhelming if you realize the requirements of your own home and work inside those boundaries. Tip sheared, velvet plush, cable, organic flowing patterns, geometric trellis design, and high-styled loop pile of choice are available in a solid color, Berber, and barber pole presentations.


Berber Carpet

Suwanee Carpet Installation

Suwanee Carpet Installation

We have a wide selection of color, style prices for Berber carpeting.

Berber carpet is a beautiful and durable choice for floor covering. It is a great choice to begin your interior decorating of any room. Berber carpet is a popular style because of its wool-like and rugged look, its durability, and its economic cost.

Berber, also called high-level loop, is a weave of tight yarn loops that stand upright in a nubby texture. Looped carpets such as the Berber weave help hide footprints and vacuum marks and are easier to clean than cut-pile or plush where the loops are cut and exposed to accumulate more dirt.

Loop Pile Carpet

Suwanee Carpet Installation

Suwanee Carpet Installation

Loop pile provides a natural, hand-crafted appearance that creates a warm, personal atmosphere.

This type offers a relatively smooth, homogeneous surface.

Loop pile consists of tight loops constructed at the same height. This tight loop texture helps hide footprints and vacuum marks.

The subtle patterns fit a variety of room styles, making Berber Loop an ideal choice for contemporary to cottage furnishings.

Cut and Loop Carpet

Carpet Installation Suwanee

Suwanee Carpet Installation

Cut and Loop, sometimes referred to as pattern loop, utilizes a combination of cut and loop pile yarns to create patterns or textures.

Cut and Loop may offer a pile surface that is predominantly cut with loops forming a pattern or predominately loops with limited cut yarns to display a pattern.

This style offers both level and multi-level constructions. The multicolor effects hide soil, stains, and foot traffic.

This style fits a variety of room settings.

Textured Carpet

Suwanee Carpet Installation

Suwanee Carpet Installation

Textured, commonly mistaken for Frieze, is a cut pile that is most known for its tendency to show fewer footprints and sweeper marks than other cut pile constructions.

It should be noted that no cut pile can be classified as being completely free of shading. These constructions are obtained by stuffing yarn into a steam box (stuffer box) and providing a kinked or curled yarn.

The fiber is exposed to live steam to set yarn memory in this curled position. This curling of the fiber reduces light reflectance, thus reducing the appearance of footprints. It is a decoratively versatile carpet that adds casual beauty to any room. Its extremely high popularity makes it a leader as a great “whole-house” carpet.

It is a perfect choice for an active household.

Saxony Carpet

Saxony is a refined cut pile carpet in which two or more plies of yarn have been twisted and heat-set so that the tip of each carpet tuft is distinguishable on the pile surface. Saxonies have a tendency to show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. This is due to the light reflection of the fiber when the pile direction is changed.

When brushed in one direction, the pile may assume a darker hue, while adjacent yarns brushed in the opposite direction may present a lighter hue. When viewed in the opposite direction, color hues of darker areas will appear lighter. This is not a defect of any kind, but merely a characteristic of this carpet construction. These subtle highlights and accents add a distinctive elegance to any room.

Some of the more common uses of Saxony are within formal areas such as living rooms and dining rooms.

Frieze Carpet

A true Frieze is similar to a texture in that footprints and vacuum sweeper marks are disguised. The textured appearance is acquired by placing a high twist level on the plied yarns.

This high twist level causes the tuft to twist back upon itself, causing a kinked appearance. Higher twist levels provide enhanced performance characteristics when compared to lower twist products with the same construction attributes.

This style is extremely durable and long-wearing, making Friezes great for active rooms.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon is the most widely used carpet fiber. Though it has many strengths, the greatest is its strength.

Nylon is incredibly durable and resilient. Because of its resistance to matting and wear, you will never see a visibly worn carpet path in even the busiest spots of your home.

Nylon carpet fiber is soft yet strong, shows color brilliantly, and cleans well.

Though not inherently stain-resistant, most nylons are treated with a stain-resist carpet treatment for protection against household spills and stains.

Polypropylene Carpet

The use of polypropylene in carpet has grown dramatically over the past ten years due to the popularity of Berber style loop carpets.

Polypropylene is extremely resistant to stains, fading, and moisture.

Polypropylene, a value-oriented fiber, is also notably colorfast because it is solution-dyed, which means the color is added during production and not dyed later.

The color is such an inherent part of the fiber that you can even clean polypropylene with bleach.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester offers exceptional softness, making it ideal for thick, cut pile styles.

Polyester is also naturally and permanently stain resistant and fade resistant. It has excellent color clarity, color retention, strength, and abrasion resistance.

Carpets made from this fiber are easily cleaned and they resist water-soluble stains.

Wool Carpet

The preeminent natural fiber, wool yields a soft, warm, comfortable feel.

Although wool does not possess a natural resistance to moisture or abrasion, it ages well and is easy to clean.

Because it is the most expensive carpet fiber, wool is generally used only in luxury carpets and area rugs.